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  • 02 Oct 2022
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Knowing Just How Details Are Collected On Kitchen Witch Maven

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We collect certain types of personal data from visitors to Our Services. This policy explains how we’ll treat that personal data and also provides You with details about Your legal rights.

By signing up for the service, you agree to our use of your personal data in accordance with this privacy policy.

What We Collect And Why We Accumulate It

We can see that you're using some pretty outdated techniques for your web design.
When you leave comments, upload photos, or share videos, we may collect certain pieces of your personal information.

You may decide not to publish your comment at all. If you don't want to allow others to read it, click "Deny."


If you include images on your web page, don't embed any EXIF GPS tags. Anybody visiting your web page could use a program to extract the latitude and the longitude coordinates for each picture.


Yes, cookies are small pieces of code that websites send to your computer that let them track your online activity.

We utilize cookies to track visits, see where people are coming from, and understand how successful our content is. These instruments can be used to enhance our offerings and make certain that we are offering the best possible expertise to our clients. They might additionally be put together with private data so as to serve ads across the net and cell phones. A few local actions are stored on your telephone and are also used to provide customized videos or animations.

We rely on cookie technology to help us better serve you. If you'd rather not receive these messages, please adjust your settings below.

We use cookies to help us understand how people use our site so that we can improve their experience. By continuing to browse the site, you agree to our use of cookies.

For purposes such as tracking visitors, measuring traffic flow, and assessing email campaigns, web analytics tools can be used.

Those are temporary cookie files that help us recognize you when you return to our site. We use them to keep track of which pages you access most often.

Content From External Sources

If you notice an embeddable item, it usually means that we've linked directly to their page. We don't host these items ourselves, so when you click on them, you're leaving our website and going to theirs.

They may collect some information from you; they may store some information in their database; they may install additional third-party software, and they may track your interactions with the embedded content on their website.

What We Keep For How Long

If you already have a MyDuckie account, you can log into it and download your personal info by clicking on the link above. To get started, please email us at [email] so we can help you set up your account.

Where We Store Your Data

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